Buy a glassblock at your building supply store, i.e. Lowes or Home Depot. If it is possible, let them drill a hole for you.
Or buy a ready made glassblock. Otherwise you have to drill it yourself. You have to use a diamond core drill bit, that is strong enough to drill in glass. Some pour water on the hole while drilling. It gets very hot and it might be a good idea to cool it off. I didn't do that, but it worked fine anyway. I made the hole at the bottom, but many make it to
the side or at the square at the back. You can choose where you like it to be.

To get all drilling dust out of the block, I taped a bendable drinkingstraw on my vacuumcleaner
and sucked it all out through the hole.

Make the hole so big that you can put a strand of Christmas light inside.

Test the lights so you didn't accidentally break any bulbs.

You can put any nice fabric around the block. It could be rustic or elegant depending on the image you are putting on.

I put it together with a few stitches underneath.

Write the image you want on your color printer. Print: Portrait. Scale 100.
Make a print test in Draft mode first, to see if your printer-settings are the same as my settings. Adjust if necessary.

Laminate only the front. Do like this:
simply put two designs with the same size back to back in the pouch
and run through laminator. Cut around the edge of the paper, and then trim each side of the design separately.

I use the image only on one side, since the block is standing against a wall.
If you want the design on both sides: put the same design back to back and do as mentioned above.

Put the image on the front square, use removable spray glue, so you can change the image easily when you like to
or you can use doublesided tape.
The graphic is supposed to fit the inner-square of the block.
It will not cover the whole block. I think it will look nicer fitting only the insert. It gives more light.

Since we don't have the same glue here in my country as you have, I have tried to give you some tips of what you can use. I found this tip on the Internet:
Try looking at a sewing store for Sulky KK2000. It is a spray can.
The adhesive is intended for fabrics but should work fairly well on paper or fabrics. Spray it on in a light over-all layer.
The item will still be removable or movable as needed. A can retails for about $13 but will last a long time.

Or this one.

It says:
Removable glue in spray, enables to replace repeatadly. For light surfaces. Contain 400 ml.

Put a nice bow or some embellishments on top of the block.


I wish you Happy Crafting!

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