Svea Linnea Andersson Molin
For my american relatives.

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Lars Andersson

B. 16..

Married to Ingeborg Andersdotter  B.1685.

B. 14/8 1710.
Anders Larsson

B. 14/8 1710.
D. 1792 from

Married to 1st wife
Anna Larsdotter.
B. ?

2nd wife
Cherstin Persdotter
B. 1728. Was married to Cherstin acc. HFH 1764-76.

1. Lars B. 1735.

2. Per B. 1744. Married 1776 to Greta Hansdotter.
B. 1746.

3. (a son, hard to read the name) B. 1754.

4. (a son, hard to read the name)  B. 1755.

5. Margta
B. 1756. Married 1778.
Lars Andersson

B. 1735. Åttersta.

 He was also a BERGSMAN, a farmer who besides farming also was a kind of miner who worked with mining of pig-iron. Instead he didn´t have to do military service.

D. 17/4 1798 from short of breath.

Married 1759  to 1st wife Brita Jansdotter
B. 1740.

Married to 2nd wife
Carin Larsdotter
B. 1752.


Children: with Brita Jansdtr:
1. Cherstin B. 1760.

2. Anna B. 1761.

3. Lena B. 1763.

4. Anders B. 1765. 
D. 1768. 

5. Johan (Jon)

B. 1767.

6. Brita
B. 1771.
D. 26/4 1780 from pocks.

Children with Carin Larsdtr:
7. Margta
B. 1776.
8. Anders
B. 1784.
D. 1788.
Jon (Johan) Larsson

B. 1767. Åttersta
He was a BERGSMAN, a farmer who besides farming also was a kind of miner who worked with mining of pig-iron. Instead he didn´t have to do military service.

D. 5/11 1806 from a stroke.

Married to
Brita Olsdotter
B. 1768 in Järbo.
She remarried 29/12 1807 to Isac Andersson from Westerberg
B. 1776.
 He was a BERGSMAN, a farmer who besides farming also was a kind of miner who worked with mining of pig-iron. Instead he didn´t have to do military service.

1. Lars Jonsson 
B. 1792. In military service 1813.

2. Karin Jonsdtr.
B. 1795. Got sick in 1807.

3. Olof  Jonsson
B. 23/8 1800

4.Stina Isacsdtr
B. 19/6 1809

5. Anna Isacsdtr
B. 26/1 1811
Lars Jonsson

B. 18/12 1798 Åttersta.  Farm helper, dam guard, day laborer, iron worker. Military service 1813. Married  27/12 1829.
 1846 a notice says he is
miserably poor.
D. 29/4 1880.

Married to
Brita Andersdtr.
B. 1806. Åttersta. 
Worked as a farm girl 1822-25 in Åttersta Nr 6.  In 1826-27 she was a farm girl in Åttersta Nr 4. In 27/12 1829 she was married to the farmhand Lars Jonsson.
D. 27/3 1890 i Walbo. 


Britas father:
Anders Olsson.
B. 1773.  He was a BERGSMAN, a farmer who besides farming also was a kind of miner who worked with mining of pig-iron. Instead he didn´t have to do military service.

Britas mother:
Carin Pehrsdotter
B. 1777. Britas sister: Carin F. 1811.



1. Anders Larsson Molin
B. 4/9 1829.
D. 7/12 1915. Married 1856 to Märta Larsdotter
B. 1/4 1886.

2. Lars B. 28/1 1832. Crofter. Married 1857 to Anna Stina Pehrsdtr.
B. 6/11 1836.
Lars Peter
B. 29/5 1858,
Anna Britta B. 1862,
Greta Stina B. 1865,
Lars Petter B. 1867, 
Anders Johan B. 1870,
Olof Edvard B. 1879 twin,
Karl Erik B. 1879 twin.

3. Johan (Johannes)
B. 16/10 1834. Railroad worker.
A notice: he stutter some. Married to Margareta Ulrika Berglin. B. 1838, Ovansjö. Children:
Johan Fredrik
B. 1863,
Gustaf Adolf
B. 1865,
Maria Ulrika
B. 1868,
Carl Emanuel
B. 1871,
Daniel Ferdinand
B. 1874,
Elida Elisabet
B. 1877.

4. Jonas
B. 22/4 1837, Living in Fäbod area. Married to
Stina Hansdotter.
B. 1842 in Ovansjö. Children:
Johanna Margreta
B. 1866,
Anna Louisa
B. 1871,
Ida Elisabeth
B. 1880.

5. Carin
B. 10/9 1840.

6. Hans
B. 13/9 1843.
D. 10?/4 1852.

7. Per Larsson Ekström
B. 2/4 1846. D. 16/4 1876. Married to Anna Elisabet Åsberg, Järbo.
B. 18/12 1851. Children: 
Lars Petter
B. 20/9 1872.
Brita Elisabet
B. 1874.
Anna Elisabet later married Per Ersson Sten and got two children with him.

8. Brita
B. 10/6 1850. Married to Olof Jansson Forss.
B. 1852, Ovansjö.
Day laborer.
At  Åttersta Uthedes also lived
Per Backman.
Day laborer.
B. 27/1 1825. Married to Maria Olsdotter
B. 12/3 1827. 
1. Brita
B. 14/2 1851.

2. Anders Olof Backman
B. 20/12  1854.
He was later married to  Karin Andersdtr. Molin.

3. Anna Lisa
B. 1/4 1863.

Anders Larsson Molin,

Åttersta, Uthedes, Ofvansjö.
Crofter, day laborer. 
B. 4/9 1829 in Åttersta.
D. 7/12 1915
from decrepitude

Married 25/2 1856 to Märtha Larsdtr.
B. 1/4 1826. D. 24/8 1869. This is her 2nd marriage.
(Her own daughter from earlier. Brita Lisa Zachrisdtr.
B.  9/3 1853.)

1. Brita Lisa
B. 9/3 1853.

2. Karin
B. 2/2 1857. Married 18/2 1883 to Anders Olof Backman. Day worker. B. 20/12 1854.
Ester Maria Kristina, not born within marriage.
B. 23/2 1880. 
Andrea Elisabeth.
B. 15/6 1883. Widow 10/7 1937. D. 7/3 1952. (Married to
Erik Olof Jäderberg.
B. 11/2 1870. Stone worker.
Their children:
Johan Gottfrid 
B. 15/12 1912.
Karin Ingrid Olivia
B. 19/4 1916.)
Anders Albert.
B. 1/2 1885. Widower 31/12 1962. D. 6/3 1970. Married to Hulda Andrea
B. 4/3 1877 in Valbo.
Hilda Kathrina
B. 2/2 1889.
Married Johansson. D.  8/9 1972.
Gerda Eleonora
B. 17/3 1891. Married Holmström. D. 16/6 1979.
Olof Konrad
B. 12/3 1893.
D. 31/5 1951. Unmarried.
Ingrid Charlotta
B. 19/2 1899. D. 29/4 1900 from a stroke.
Erik Gustaf Anton
B. 10/2 1902. Åttersta, Ovansjö. Married 16/9 1944. D. 28/10 1968.
3. Greta Stina
B. 14/6 1860.

4. Johanna Maria
B. 18/5 1863.

5. Anders Olof 
B. 26/7 1866 (Emigrated to  Finland 1/11 1886)
Johanna Maria Molin
day laborer´s daughter. B. 18/5 1863 in Åttersta. Unmarried. D. 13/5 1915 in Yttermyra, Ovansjö, from uterine cancer.
1. Karl Fredrik, not born within marriage. B. 28/11 1885. Factory worker. Emigrated to USA 1911.
D. 30/9 1965 in Chisago, Minnesota. A notice says that August Andersson, Uppsala was his father.

2. Johanna Charlotta, not born within marriage. 
B. 7/1 1890 in Ofvansjö.  D. 30/3 1974.

3. Hjalmar Andreas  not born within marriage.
B. 25/5 1898.
D. 15/4 1933.
Hjalmar had one child. Karl Hjalmar B.15/3 1928.
D.10/7 1992.
Married to Linnea. B. 18/4 1902 in Bergsjö, Gävleborgs län, Hälsingland.
D. 9/9 1980. 
Johanna Charlotta was married to
Johan Kihlström,
Roll worker,
lorry driver, municipal worker, store keeper,
B. 18/9 1891 in Nordanåker, Årsunda.
 5/12 1914.
D. 6/1 1975.




Johannas children:
1. Karl Yngve, not born within marriage. Waiter.
. 4/1 1911,  in Ovansjö. D. 4/12 1990.

Svea Katarina

. 27/3 1915
in Högbo, Sandviken. Milliner.
D. 19/3 2011.

Johan Åke

. 16/3 1919 in Högbo, Sandviken. Clerk. D. 17/9 1970. He has twin daughters.

Sven Arne

. 19/10 1924 in Hudiksvall. Grader driver. D. 30/3 1988.
Sven Arne Kihlström,
grader driver.
B. 19/10 1924 in Hudiksvall. Married 22/9 1945. D. 30/3 1988 from pancreatic cancer. Married to Kerstin Ingegerd (Linné) Johansson,
B. 11/10 1926 in Idenors socken, Hudiksvall.
D. 11/4 2002 from ALS.
B. 3/3 1946 in Hudiksvall.  
post-office clerk
17/5 1972 at Swedish Ambassy in Paris to Christer Gimséus. B. 27/9 1949 in Alva socken, Gotland. Automecanic.

Leif Roger
B. 20/9 1952 in Hudiksvall. Purchaser.
Marie-Louises children:
Jan Morgan
B. 20/5 1973,
automecanic. Married to  Maud Ingela Carita Jacobsson
B. 1973-07-31
B. 9/5 1995 in Uppsala
B. 26/12 1996 in Uppsala
Childrens mother: Maria Therese  Danielle Oscarsson.
B. 25/8 1972. 

Anders Greger
B. 9/9 1976, telecommunications engineer. 

Hanna Maria
B. 10/5 1988,
Degree in Media, Graphical Communications, Photography and Graphics.
Karl Fredrik Andersson Molin

not born within marriage. B. 28/11 1885 in Åttersta. Factory worker. Emigrated to USA 1911. Worked as a machinist, owned a shoe shop. His immigrationrecord says he had lightbrown hair and brown eyes,  his father was August Andersson, Uppsala. Karl died 30/9 1965 i Chisago, Minnesota. 

1st wife Signe Munter. B.29/9 1885 in Torsåker, Gästrikland. Married 30/4 1909 in Torsåker, Sweden. D..5/4 1961 in Morrison County, Minnesota, USA.

His 2nd wife was Olga Marie Anderson. Her family came from Norway. 
B. 4/6 1890
D. 18/7 1978.
1. Aina Johanna
B.26/7 1909 in
Torsåker, Gästrikland.
D.1985 in Ramsey, Minnesota, USA.

2. Svea Linnea
B.1/2 1911 in Ovansjö, Gästrikland.
1996-01-13 in Ramsey, Minnesota, USA.  Svea married
Alfred Bastion Charles Elliott. They divorced.

Ainas children:
Richard B.1926
Merle B.1929
Leon B.1931
Gloria B.1934
Elaine B.1939












Svea Linnea
Anderson Molin

in Ovansjö, Gästrikland.
1996-01-13 in Ramsey, Minnesota, USA. Svea married
Alfred Bastion Charles Elliott.
D.2001-06-08. Machinist.
They divorced.
The record says that Svea was working at a hosiery mill with foot topping (stocking factory).
1. Karen,
B.1941, twin- Married Richard Pruden.

2. Sharon,
B.1941, twin. Dead from cancer August 1988. Was 
living in Pasadena, California and has two daughters. Married to Bob Zecker.

3. Merrilly.
B.1942. Married to Earl Pruden.

4. Julianne (Julie)
B.1943. Living in
Maine. Nurse. Married to Peter Drever.

5. Cheryl,
B.1945, Married to Tom Gannon

6. Marc,
B.1950. Married to Maggie.
Karens children:

Sharons children:

Marillys children:
Tom B.1968,
Dawn B. 1970(married to Tim Prior)

Juliannes children:

Cheryl (married Gannon). Children:
Leah (married to Jeffery Fliss)

Marcs children:
2 daughters.


According to Dawn Prior:
Svea was a sweet and loving, generous person but also very tough and strong if someone instigated something with her.  She loved sweets and baking as well as knitting and quilting.  She won a blue ribbon one year for a quilt at the Minnesota State Fair.  She never owned a car.  She loved to walk and sometimes took the bus.  Swede Hollow, where they immigrated to in St. Paul, is now a city park.  Ruins of some of the homes' foundations can still be seen here and there.  
My mom never took us to see Aina. I never got to meet Aina. Svea never mentioned her to me. She was never at any of Svea's family gatherings. I never got the chance to meet Svea or know her children. Svea never talked about her sister Aina to me, when she would tell me about growing up in Swede Hollow, or her younger life and she didn't invite Aina to family gatherings. Svea loved getting her children and grandkids together for summer picnics or at Christmas. Mother did say that Aina and Svea would get together once in a while, but for very short visits. I know they have been proud of their Swedish roots. Svea wanted to return to Sweden and see her hometown and relatives before she died. Svea told me, Karl obtained U.S. citizenship, but it was after Svea was born so Svea did not inherit it. She did not understand that she was not a U.S. citizen until she went down to apply for a passport  Svea loved cats and often took care of strays.  She had a small collection of cat figurines and a lamp which she left me that has a ceramic cat as the base of the lamp. Svea was the one I knew best and since Signe was a part of her life, until Signe died, I had heard bits and pieces about her. When I was very little, I visited Signe's Joe. My mom said she would visit their farm and feed the chickens when she was little. Svea had a lady in the neighborhood teach the older children Swedish folk dances that they would perform on Swedish Days in Minnihaha Park Svea took part in an event that became big for the labor movement in the United States. She worked at the factory and participated in the strike.  She told me that the police came and beat her and dragged her through the street for picketing. Svea used to love to go out and listen to the big bands when she was young and she had told me she dated a saxophonist for a while.  She also told me before Karl left he had done well with his shoe shop and built them a home off Randolph St. and Snelling Ave. in St. Paul.  My mom had shown me a photo of it once with Svea and Aina sitting on the steps both in dresses with big bows in their hair as young girls.I am sorry I do not know Swedish.  Svea taught me a couple of words when I was a child, but none of her children speak it.  My aunt Karen and mother told me Svea spoke it often with Signe though and was fluent. 
I lived in Minnesota until 1994.  I moved down to Florida after college.  I work for a neighboring city in the information technology department helping people with their equipment setups and issues. I love to travel and read.  I also have a hobby business making soaps and such, that I sell at craft shows.


  Min släktforskning