Pictures of my family.   Bilder på familjen.


My family consist of me, Louise, my husband Christer, our son Morgan, our second son Greger, our daughter Hanna and our cat. Christer and I was married at the Swedish Embassy in Paris 1972. We live in a small village called Bålsta, 50 kilometers west of Stockholm, in the province of Uppland, Sweden. Uppland has a flower, Fritillaria meleagris and an eagle, Haliaeetus albicilla, as it's own symbols. All provinces in Sweden have different symbols. Sweden is a country where the Vikings came from.

Have a look at "Photos from my village" and
you will see some photos from where I live.
There are about 19 000 people living here. You can see autumn, winter, spring and summerphotos.

This is a special gift from a dear friend in Norway, called Tuppa. She makes great graphics! The sign says "Louise lives here". She knows that I like woodworking, flowers and nature a lot.

We live in a yellow wooden house.

My occupation is as a qualified post-office clerk. When my children were small, I was a stay-at-home-mom. Now I'm  working daytime in school, as a teachers assistent. I like gardening, painting and drawing, sewing clothes, knitting, croching, making woodwork crafts and making graphics on my computer.  Have a look in my web-shop. I make the items and give the money to our local cat shelter "Hitta Katten".


I also tought children how to behave in nature. When I met them, I was dressed like a troll called "Mulle". He comes and plays with the children and teaches them about our nature and animals. They just love him. 
At wintertime I go skating a lot. I taught children how to skate on ice for 21 years. 

Christer, my husband, likes riding his motorcycle on the roads as well as riding his enduromotorcycle in the woods. He also likes renovating old cars. Otherwise he is very handy with a hammer and saw.
You can find his website here.

Morgan, our eldest son. He has also the same great interests in cars and motorcycles. He also likes gardening. He has a rather large greenhouse and is planning on getting an even bigger one.

Greger, our son number two. His passion is for computers and listening for space signals.
He has built a huge parabol antenna. He also likes fishing. 

Hanna, our daughter, has has a degree in Media, Graphical Communications, Photography and Graphics.  She likes vintage style in clothings and furniture.

Our cat is called Nanna, 8 years old. She was bought from our local cat shelter. Such a lovely little cat.
We love her dearly!

We also had a Kerry Blue Terrier dog, called Kerry. Such a lovely playful dog. He was 9 years of age when he was called to dog heaven.
Our little rabbit was called Stampe. Such a cute little fellow.
Our orange colored cat was called Kurre, but unfortunately he went to Cat Heaven in February 2005.
He was 12 years old.
We also had a black cat called Runa. She went to Cat Heaven in August 2008.  She was only 1,5 years old. And we had a grey cat called Lazer. He went to Cat Heaven 15 years old in February 2009.

We miss them so. RIP all of you. We will meet again.