Give your font a nice look.

Start with a New Image. Settings as below.


Set both Foreground and Background to color #e87c93

Make sure your Color Palette is visible.
If it isn't, go to View, Palettes. Make these settings.

Go to your Layers Palette. Add a New Raster Layer.

Add a new Raster Layer once more.
Now you will have three layers in your Layer Palette, like this.

Click on your Text tool.

Choose font (I used Free Style font) and make the settings like this.

Click inside your Image and write your text. Apply. Now you have the pink text on layer 3.
Don't deselect. Leave the "ants" marching.
Selections, Modify, Expand by 3. Keep it selected. Click on layer 2 in your Layer Palette.
Choose a white color for your Foreground. Get the Flood Fill Tool (bucket)
and flood fill inside the selection. Now you will have the text in white on layer 2. Keep it selected.
Selections, Modify, Expand by 2. Click on Layer 1 in your layer Palette. Flood fill with the same pink color
that you used earlier. Selections, Select None.
Layers, Merge Visible. Save. Now is your text ready to be used.

Change color and font and add some graphics if you like.
It can look very different depending on what you choose.