Glassblock design
For 6x6 inches glassblocks.

Tribute to Michael Jackson, a fabolous entertainer.

The income of this design goes directly to our local catshelter "Hitta Katten".
I don't want to profit from it. I think the homeless cats will have more use for the money.
I think Michel would have loved that. He was such a caring person.

This is what my glassblock is filled with, Christmas strands.

You will have the block design with and without text.
Print it out on your colorprinter. Print Portrait scale 100. Make a print test in Draft mode first,
to see if your printer-settings are the same as my settings. Adjust if necessary.
Then laminate only the outside of the graphic. The graphic is supposed to fit the inner-square of the block.
It will not cover the whole block. I think it will look nicer fitting only the insert. It gives more light.
Spray gluespray to the backside and adjust it on the glassblock.
If you use a non-permanent glue, you can change motif when ever you like.

1.5 EUROS or 2 US $

Pay through PayPal.

Once you have payed the amount, I will attach the image in an E-mail for you.
All sales are final. No refunds on downloaded sets.

Wrapper sets