Making a GIF or JPG transparent.
PSP 8 + PSP 9 +PSP 10

If you like to make a GIF or JPG picture transparent do as follow.
I will use the picture below to show you.

First of all you must take a copy of  your image.
Edit, Copy. Edit, Paste as a New Image.
Close your first image. We will work on the copy.

If it is a GIF, you must increase the colors to 16 mill. Do it here: Image, Increase color depth, 16 mill.
If you have a JPG it is already in 16 mill.colors.

Save the image as a pspimage. And while you are at it, click on Options and then on PSP7 compatible.
That way you can use all images that are from earlier versions of PSP. Very convenient to have.

Open your Layer Palette. View, Palettes, Layers.
Right click on the layer Background. Promote to Background layer.

Now it will say Raster 1 layer.

Get your Magic Wand.

Make the settings like this.

Click with your Magic Wand on the part you want to remove. Delete. Deselect.
Here I have set the Tolerance very low. You might adjust it to your picture. Make a test.
You can always go back and take Undo if it wasn't right. The higher number you
add the more will disappear from your picture when you delete. Click with Magic Wand + Delete
on all parts you will remove until your picture is finished. Save as PSP format.

I have put the eggs on a black background here to let you see that there are no jaggies on the picture.

and on white background.

Sometimes a picture can be hard to clean. There can be some unwanted pixels
around the picture, then you have to set a higher Tolerance
and you can even set Feather to 1, to make the outerlines softer.

If you have a multicolored background it will take a little more time,
since you might use different numbers of the Tolerance.
The only way to know for sure, is to test different settings.
You may also have to use Freehand Tool to get rid of the pixels.
Make sure Antialias is checked. Draw around the part you want to remove. Delete. Deselect.

Good luck and I hope you will have nice transparent pictures now.

If you also want to save the image in PNG format, go to File, Export, PNG Optimizer

Settings like this.

Under the Transparency tab, do as below.

Click OK and save it.

Saving in PNG will have your picture saved in 16 mill. colors and with a transparent background.
Saving in GIF saves only in 256 colors.