Use your own colors and make your pictures personal.

Right click and Save picture as....

 Valentine´s Day.












For the framed Images, you may click directly on the Image. Get the zip-file and zip it up in your PSP Image folder.
























To make the saved picture transparent, do as follow.
Get the saved Image onto your workspace. Colors, Increase color depth, 16 mill.
In your Layer Palette, right click on layer Background. Promote to Layer.
Copy, Paste as a New Image. Magic Wand. Click outside the picture. Delete.
Make sure to get rid of all background color. Save this image as PSP.
Or you can do like this.
Save the image. Open Animation Shop. Find the saved image.
Open it. Export Frames to Paint Shop Pro.

Now your Image will turn up on your PSP workspace. Save it as PSP and your image is ready for you.


Some of these outlines are from cleaned, free Dingbat fonts. Kat's Fun Fonts,
House of Lime, Moss Valley and some are my own creations.