Descendants to Karl Fredrik Andersson Molin and Signe Munter




SS Athenia of 1904, Donaldson Line, 1911

Athenia I was torpedoed off Ireland in 1917 with the loss of 15 lives.

The record says that Carl was 5 ft. 4 in. tall = 162,5 cm and he had brown hair and brown eyes.
Signe was 5 ft. tall = 152,4 cm and was blonde with blue eyes. Aina and Svea were blond with blue eyes.
Johan Munter was also blonde with blue eyes. He was 5 ft 9 in = 175,3 cm tall.



Olga (born Johnson, in Hardwick, Rock Co, MN )  was married in 1909 to ROBERT Sidney. BAILEY (born on March 23 1883, in Carrollton, Texas).
They had three children,
Alice Elizabeth. B.4/3 1910 in
Luverne, Minnesota. Married to Edward (Fred) Samuel Theodore Epperly. (child of GARCIA (mother). B.4/1 1906. D.26 Jul 1992 in Hennepin County, Minnesota. Note: SPM1C, US Navy. He is burried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN. They had a son: Robert Samuel Theodore Epperly. B.19/4 1930 D.5/1 1995
. Burried at Gethsemane Cemetery, New Hope, Hennepin County, Minnesota.
Alice was a sergant in the US Army. Alice died 18/2 1963. She is burried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN.

Raymond Orvil B.19/2 1912 in
Luverne, Minnesota. D.19/2 1986 - St. Paul, MN. He is burried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co.,
Note: MM3 US Navy.

Vernon John (B.1914 in Minnesota.
Vernon married first name Bailey (born Lindall).

They had 2 children. Vernon passed away in 1979, at age 65 in California.


Later Olga married Carl.








When Karl and Signe came to the US, they went to Karls brother-in law  Johan Carlson B.29/12 1875 in Torsåker.
Johan had been to the states once berfore in 17/2 1893. He went back to Sweden.

Johan married 14/9 1895 Signes sister Anna Katrina Munter B.15/6 1874 in Torsåker, Sweden.
Johan left alone by boat 5/1 1909 for the states. His destination was Meriden, Connecticut.

In 9/10 1909 Anna and their three children left for USA. They went from Liverpool, England. Destination: New York.

The children were Johan Konrad B.9/10 1894, Karl Teodor B.13/10 1896 and Artur Gunnar B.15/1 1901.
Noticed on the passanger list: They had brown hair and blue eyes.They went on a boat called SS Celtic. The trip took 9 days.

SS Celtic

Johan Karlsson and Anna Katrina went to live at 63 Phalen Creek, "Swede Hollow", St. Paul, Minnesota.
In 1920 Census Anna is noticed as a widow. She lived in Minneapolis Ward 12, Hennepin, Minnesota. Street 39 Ave. House number 3152.
She owned her house. Her three children lived with her at that address.


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