Halloween set

This set include: 43 graphics, 13 texts, 1 paint can with 3 fronts and 2 lids, 5 boxes,
1 bag cover, 7 backgrounds.


An easy way to fold the bent lines of the pillowbox is to fold against a plastic lid.
You can print the pillowbox in two ways.
1: Print the orange template as it is.
2: Use the white template on an orange paper.
Make two holes at the top and tie a small bow.

Fold the boxes. Glue together and put ribbons on.

ag-cover with candy in: Put candy in a plastic or cellophane bag, fold the top, staple.
Make two holes in the bag also and put a ribbon through it all.


 11 EUROS or 16 US $

Pay through PayPal.

To logim@telia.com


Once you have payed the amount, I will E-mail you the link
where to download your set. You will receive it in a
zip file.
All sales are final. No refunds on downloaded sets.

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