Kids Paintings

This set is made with my grandson Olivers paintings.
I thought they were so cute, so I made a set.  The money will go to Oliver himself. I know he would love that.
The set contains of 35 graphics, 2 backgrounds, 1 border, 1 lollipop cover, 1 gallon paintcan with lid,
 1 bubbles, 1 text, 1 gumwrapper, 1 bag topper, 1 lifesaver, 1 mini and 4 treatboxes in the shape of a car.
They are in JPG and PNG.

These cars are easy to put together. Tutorial included. Print in Landscape mode.

You can put a name on the licence plate


 8 EUROS or 12 US $

Pay through PayPal.



Once you have payed the amount, I will E-mail you the link
where to download your set. You will receive it in a
zip file.
All sales are final. No refunds on downloaded sets.


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