Motorcycle set

This set includes 22 graphics + 1 checkered Background, 1 Bagtopper, 2 Frames, 1 Gumwrapper,
1 gallon Paintcan front + back + lid, 1 Lifesaver, 1 microwave Pop corn, 2 Minis, 1 Sucker cover,
1 SOE, 1 Tictac, 1 Tootsierollbank, 1 Bubbles.


You can insert a photo in the leather outfit, helmet, bandana and frames and it can look like this.

10 EUROS or 15 US $

Pay through PayPal.

Once you have payed the amount, I will E-mail you the link
where to download your set. You will receive it in a
zip file.
All sales are final. No refunds on downloaded sets.

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