My terms.

Terms for my tutorials and tubes.

These tutorials are all made by me, so please don't copy them or claim them as your own.

Use what you have created  for personal or commercial use.
Do not sell my designs, as they are, in any graphic collections or on any CD.
se the graphics on items that will be printed, such as candy wrappers. Meaning you have to put them on a background first.
ou may offer them for free, as tubes on your homepage, not in a forum.
You may not make my tutorials into scripts.


Do you want more graphics to sell, have a look at the terms for my
sets here.

If you like to use my tutorials in a group or on a list,
use a text link only, please.
My URL is:

If you want to translate my tuts, I want them to be available to everyone on the web.
Not only within a group. I would like that you to ask me first
and later I will add a link to your translated tutorial.
You must also provide a link on your translated tutorial to my site,
telling that I am the origin author. A textlink will do.

Thank you.