Make a transparent GIF.
in PSP 8.

This is the way I make nice, transparent GIF images with PSP 8.
I got a request about how to make transparent images without any jaggies.
This is how I make them.

I describe a way, that can fit almost any background.
I will use these flowers to show you.

After having made your image and you want to save it as a GIF, use these steps.

File, Export, GIF Optimizer as below.

I have choosen gray color, because it fits most backgrounds. But if you know that
you will put the GIF on a black background, choose black color. If you want it
on another color, choose a similar color to that background. This way your GIF will look nice.

For an example.
Look at these two images below. The first one has got white Blend color
and the second one has got black Blend color. You can clearly see the difference of what color to choose.

Continue with these settings.

That's all. I now hope that all your transparent GIF:s will look nice.