Treats for your Christmas parties.

Make the peppermint stick mouse, the little treatbag and the lollipop cover.
You can personalize the lollipop with a name if you like.

I printed all these treats on cardstock. But you can choose what ever is best for you.
Print and cut out the mouse and ears. Score the lines for the candy stick.
Push gently the ears through the front score.
Put a peppermint stick through as a tail like the picture shows.

Lollipop. Print. Cut out. Fold at the top. Put it around the lolly, tape the ends to the stick.
Ty a ribbon to cover the tape.

Pouch. Print the paper with the star background. Turn the paper around and print the pouch on the other side.
That way you will have a star pattern inside the pouch. Cut out. Fold the flaps. Fold at the bottom line.
Punch two holes where it is marked. Put a ribbon through. Curl it. Glue the pouch together.


2 EURO or 3 US $

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Once you have payed the amount, I will E-mail you the link
where to download your set. You will receive it in a
zip file.
All sales are final. No refunds on downloaded sets.